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You Can’t Buy Good Health… …but you can buy good small group health insurance. With health care costs continuing to rise, today more than ever, quality major medical insurance is an absolute necessity. Without it, an accident or illness could mean financial disaster.

  • How much will it cost me on a monthly basis?
  • Are there deductibles I must pay before the insurance begins to help cover my costs?
  • What doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers are part of the plan?
  • Are there enough of the kinds of doctors I want to see?
  • If I use doctors outside a plan’s network, how much more will I pay to get care?
  • Are there any limits to how much I must pay in case of major illness?

Things to consider

Pricing is probably the most bewildering aspect of the group health insurance market, so it’s worth your while to shop around. For instance, the premiums for similar products from different insurers can vary by as much as 50 percent for the same person! What’s more, the rules and regulations about group health insurance vary from state to state, making comparison shopping unbearable for the uncertain consumer.

We can help! Our Nationwide network of Group Health Insurance experts are waiting to answer all your questions today! Grouphealthwiz.com provides a place to shop 1000’s of Group Health Insurance policies in private with no hassles. What’s more, inside you’ll find informative general resources to help you get started TODAY! Questions or comments? E-mail service@grouphealthwiz.com

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