We believe you have the right to know the privacy policies of the sites you visit. Grouphealthwiz is committed to data security and protects your personally identifiable information.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to: service@Grouphealthwiz.com

Q&A About Privacy

In order to make it easier to understand Grouphealthwiz’s privacy policies, we’ve arranged this document in a question and answer format.

How does Grouphealthwiz use my information?

Grouphealthwiz uses your personally identifiable information to prepare your insurance profile. From this profile, Grouphealthwiz generates quote requests for our participating insurance or mortgage companies.

Unless you expressly give us permission to do so, or unless required by law, Grouphealthwiz does not willfully use or disclose personally identifiable information. However, we may share aggregated statistical information about the use of the Grouphealthwiz web site with our participating insurance / mortgage companies or business partners. Even in this case, individual users’ personally identifiable information is not disclosed.

How do Grouphealthwiz’s participating insurance companies use my information?

All of the companies use the information you provide for one general purpose: to provide you with an accurate insurance / mortgage quote. Personally identifiable information such as name, address, is collected as part of the process of requesting a quote. Companies use your personally identifiable information in combination with other information you provide about your insurance / mortgage needs. However, the rating criteria may be different for each participating insurance / mortgage company and each company may place different emphasis on particular aspects of your information.

Why do some of Grouphealthwiz’s quote request forms require so much information?

Grouphealthwiz works with many insurance and mortgage companies. Since these companies use different criteria to rate prospective customers, the form must encompass a wide range of questions. The comprehensive form ensures that you receive the best quotes for your particular circumstances. The consequence of declining to provide some requested information is that Grouphealthwiz may be unable to provide quotes from participating insurance / mortgage companies.

How can I change my information?

At any point in the request for quote process, you can use your browser’s back button to return to previous pages. When you have returned to one of the summary pages, select the “Change” button to modify your information.

After I request quotes at Grouphealthwiz, who will contact me?

If you request quotes at Grouphealthwiz, representatives of the companies that best fit your circumstances will contact you with information regarding your quotes or coverage.

In addition, Grouphealthwiz e-mails a quality control survey to all customers who request quotes or coverage. This survey is sent out within 4-5 days after your request, and is completely optional.

Does Grouphealthwiz sell my information to other companies?

No. Grouphealthwiz never resells, trades, leases or rents the personally identifiable information of our users to other companies.

Does Grouphealthwiz store my information?

Yes. All information submitted through Grouphealthwiz’s quote request forms is stored on our servers. Grouphealthwiz does not use this information except to process your request to provide quotes, or with to forward it to an insurance / mortgage company when you request coverage.

How does Grouphealthwiz protect my information as it passes over the Internet?

All our quote request forms use the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. With SSL, when you enter the Grouphealthwiz home page your information is encrypted as it travels between your computer and our servers. Encryption makes it exceedingly difficult for others to view your information.

Does Grouphealthwiz use “cookies”?

Yes, some of Grouphealthwiz’s pages do use “cookies” – one or more small text files saved on your computer’s hard drive and stored in memory while your browser is running. Grouphealthwiz assigns a random number to each user and stores this number as a cookie on the user’s computer. This allows Grouphealthwiz to correlate user activity throughout our site and track usage patterns.